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Airport Ground Handling Services For A Snowy Day

Winter is harsh on the aviation industry. If you are flying in a private plane or if you are a medical flight, your aircraft needs an extra dose of TLC. The plane is layered with snow and ice, which is not good for it. The runway is piled with snow and the weather reduces visibility. To sort out these issues and more on a cold, snowy day, you need the assistance of a ground handling team. Their services ensure you land and take off without a glitch.

De-Icing: It is not just removing snow before takeoff. The plane has areas that are instrumental in taking off and should be free from contaminants. The build-up of snow also adds extra weight, disrupts the flow of air, which impacts takeoff and flying. Snow can disrupt the movement of the wings' flaps and ailerons.

The de-icing takes place at the de-icing pad, where the plane is sprayed with a heated orange fluid called Glycol. Here’s a video of detailed methodology of de-icing a plane:

Weather Monitoring: The ground handling staff ushers you to the runway when the weather is poor. They are also the eyes and ears for the pilots. They ensure you have the best possible landing and takeoff.

Clearing Runway: On a snowy day, the runway is piled not only with snow, but also with ice. This can be dangerous for landing and taking off. You can count on the staff to clear the run from snow and ice formation.

Some airports use chemical deicers to melt the ice, which is applied after clearing the runway and taxiway edges, so the lights are not buried. It is interesting to note that ice melting compounds such as potassium chloride is used as it is less harmful to the aluminum skins of the planes.

Traction On Snow: Just as with cars and other vehicles, the airplane also needs additional accessories to gain traction on snow. The ground handling staff provides tractors, tugs, and the necessary cables to steer the plane safely.

The ground handling services go an extra mile when it snows and it is much appreciated. Get the right services for a safe passage at the airport a snowy day with MUrgency Airport Assistance.

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