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Flight Attendants Reveal Their Favorite First-time Flier Stories

First-time fliers have it rough. Sometimes it turns into a funny incident. Few flight attendants share show of their funny stories with us.

A former flight attendant, Heather Wilde tells us a story of an unaccompanied minor flying for the first time.

“One time, I had an 8-year-old unaccompanied minor who was holding on to their backpack extra close. I explained to him that I had to put it in the overhead or under the seat, as they couldn't hold on to it during takeoff and landing.

They didn't want me to take it, because it was their bag, and they were 8. I managed to coax it away from him with the promise of unlimited treat, and securely put it under the seat.

As soon as the plane took off, I started to hear shouting coming from that area. Apparently, the kid had captured a baby alligator and smuggled it in their backpack so that he could take it home from Florida as a pet. It had gotten loose and was now crawling around on the plane.

Thankfully, as we were coming from Florida… there were a few people who were able to capture it... I just remember the kid was upset because he didn't get to keep his pet.”

Flight attendant, Janice Bridger narrates her story of a young first-time flier.

“Flying from San Francisco to Chicago, the plane was less than half-full, and passengers had spread out to get comfortable.  A pleasant young lady in a window seat stopped me as I was walking down the aisle.  She asked if it seemed warm, and upon thinking, I had to agree.  So, I told her I would ask the Captain to turn down the heat.  "In the meantime," I said, "feel free to crack your window a little for some fresh air!"  Of course, I was joking, but sometimes I forget that people who don't know me better will take me seriously.

I returned about 10 minutes later, and I asked her if she was more comfortable now that the heat was a bit lower.  "Oh yes thank you!" she replied.  "But I'm a little confused.  I've pushed all of the buttons on my armrest and in the console above it and I can't find the one that rolls the window down!"”

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*Source Content: Quora

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