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Singapore-the Destination For Specialized Medical Care

The Universal Studios, Singapore Zoo, and Night Safari are synonymous with the city-state, which is a melting pot of Chinese, Malay, and Tamil cultures. Singapore is one of the tech destinations in Asia, but it is also a medical care destination. Singapore is the destination for specialized medical care and they are spearheading in these fields:


Stem Cells: This is the future of medical care — stem cells. They are cells that are present in the tissue or extracted from four to five day human embryo, which are used to create specialized cells to treat brain, cardiovascular, and blood diseases. In Singapore, the researchers identify ovarian stem cells that detect ovarian cancer at an early stage. Human embryonic cells have also created human kidney cells. This is a huge step for treating organ failure or replacing damaged tissue.


Cancer: Singapore has introduced the Elekta Versa HD radiation therapy system. The radiation targets only the cancerous cells, which chemotherapy couldn’t do. This treatment is quick and has a high success rate. The hospitals are also administering immunotherapy, where the dose increases the body’s immune system to boost the body’s ability to fight cancer. These two treatments are proving to save lives from diseases that consuming millions around the world.


Post-Operative Care: Singapore offers a complete plan, where they assist the healing process that continues after the surgery or treatment. They set you up at wellness destinations and best spas in Singapore to have a good recovery.


Singapore is turning into a popular destination for specialized medical care. The private healthcare follows international standards and invests in state-of-the-art technology to have a high success rate. MUrgency MedicalCare can assist you with healthcare package for Singapore and take care of you travel needs and accommodation.



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