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Travel Health & Safety Tips For Seniors

Whether it is a group vacation, family holiday, or few quiet days at the beach resort, plan and pack like a pro. Gone are the days when a backpack filled with clothes, wallet, and a hat would do. When you are heading towards the sunset years, it’s a different ball game. So, we have a checklist that covers pre-planning tips on health and safety.

General Overview:

  • Make prior arrangement for special meals, needs, wheelchair and seating.
  • If you are visiting a new place, jot down the medical facilities in the vicinity and save the emergency contact numbers.
  • Check with your travel agents for specialized trips that understands the needs of seniors. Travel agencies also plan exclusive trips such as for solo travelers, women travelers, and adventure holidays. They can keep you informed of exciting trips that suits your interests.
  • Research about the place—climate, culture, language, daily practices, etc, before the trip. It bridges the cultural gap and you have a better understanding of the place.
  • Get travel insurance that includes emergency assistance services if you have a pre-existing illness. God forbid, in case something happens, the insurance company bears the expenses.

Health Check-Up Before A Big Trip

  • Your medication and insulin syringes should account for all days of your trip. There’s a chance your medication may not be available overseas.
  • Get medical advise to fit your medication to a different time zone.
  • If you have coronary heart disease, hypertension, chronic condition, undergone recent surgery or experienced a heart attack, consult your doctor before the trip.
  • Consult the expert on dietary changes and if the different eating habits may have an impact.
  • Get necessary vaccinations.
  • Get a prescription from the doctor, signed. Also, ask the doctor to add OTC drugs to the prescription. This will be your saving grace to purchased medication on your trip. If you do buy, the brands may vary.

Very Important Travel Tip

Carry on your person information about your medical details. In case of emergency, the medical experts will have a better knowledge of your condition.  

A foolproof plan guarantees a memorable and enjoyable holiday.

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