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Life Of An Air Ambulance Pilot & Crew

Life Of An Air Ambulance Pilot & Crew

Growing up to be a pilot is every kid’s dream. Flying a big plane up in the sky, looking sharp in a highly-respected uniform, and excellent income are the perks for the pilot. The flight attendants dress on point and get to travel the world. The airline industry seems like a flamboyant one. Is it the same for air ambulance pilot and crew?

Work Timings:

Air ambulance pilot and crew follow a schedule, but the dispatch is impromptu in emergency cases.  They will have to report for duty, even if they do not fly. Life in this line is unpredictable, so the pilot and crew have to be ready for service.


For a pilot you need to have 1000 hours of flying under your belt. But your true test of experience comes from your ability to fly in different weather conditions. So, add 40 hours of instrument flying experience and a good rating for flying by instrument. This will prove your worth when flying for a medical emergency. Know more about the credentials of an air ambulance pilot.

As for the air ambulance medical crew, you need experience in the emergency service. Those who have worked as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), firefighters, police officers, park or forestry rangers can be trained to join as an air ambulance crew. Learn more about the training for an air ambulance member.

Life Goals:

The life of a commercial airplane pilot and crew is glamorous. But this industry has changed its work ethics with few days off and stressful hours. There’s not much growth and if you switch airlines you have to build your level of seniority from zero. To add to the problems, customers want cheaper flight tickets that have a major impact on the pay scale. Stress, long working hours, and few days offs are proving difficult for pilots to continue with this noble profession.

The life of an air ambulance pilot and crew is far less strenuous, plus you get a rush of adrenaline and the joy of saving lives. Supriya Dandekar sums up the life of an air ambulance pilot, she mentions on Quora, “…I find it a rewarding experience just as much as stressful. The thought of someone’s life depending on you keep your adrenaline going and keeps you on your toes. Of course, there are trained doctors to take care of the situation, but more often than not the situation is far from normal & things can quickly take a turn for the worse.”

Working on board the air ambulance may not be glamorous, but it is a life-saving profession.

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