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Make Your Guests Feel Special With Murgency Dubai Airport Assistance

Dedicated Exclusive Lounges: Be it family members or business associates, the important people in your life are important to us too. Now they no longer need to get hassled by the airport procedures. Be it Immigration procedures or check-in requirement, they now rest in the dedicated 24/7 lounges while we prepare them for a smooth & hassle-free journey.


Chauffeur Service: Nothing speaks of luxury than a waiting limousine after that long journey. Pamper your loved ones as they step out of the airport & give them the most memorable drive to their destination in Dubai.


Meet & Greet Services: Be it arrival or departure, we ensure the special people in your life are made to feel that way with our Meet & Greet services. Choose from a range of gifts including bouquets of Roses & mixed flowers as they are escorted to their destination. This is a service now very popular with our VIP & corporate fraternity.


Fast-track Airport Exit: A pleasant flight experience needs to be followed by a breezy exit at the airport. The MUrgency airport assistance team excels in speedy documentation & exit from the airport thanks to their exceptional grasp over the procedures. Dubai airport can be an overwhelming experience especially for Non-English speakers & first-time travelers but with our experts, you can rest assured that our special ones get top most priority & get to spend more time with you than at the airport trying to get the documentation in place.


Shopping: Dubai is famous for being a shopping destination & the airport is no different. But how about a dedicated person who knows the ins & outs of shopping at Dubai airport? With MUrgency airport assistance, you can do just that. Get a dedicated shopper assigned who can guide you through the best stores at Dubai airport & get you exactly what you are looking for without the hassle of strolling store to store.


Transfer Airport Assistance: If the traveler is halting at Dubai to catch a connecting flight, our professional representative will meet them at the aircraft (where allowed), & guide them to the next destination. In case, of connecting flight accommodation, our representative will assist them with all post-flight procedures such as acquiring a visa, currency transaction, customs and security clearances during your stop-over and escort you to the hotel.


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