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Why Traveling After College Graduation Is Important

It is a time where you are leaving a student life and entering a life of responsibilities. A borderline that pushes you from the exciting college life into the real world. However, post-graduation vacation with friends or solo is turning out to be a must-have experience. Travel is an enriching experience.

Take it from Naomi Chadderton, who regrets missing out on post-graduation traveling. She like most college graduates had a checklist for life. Graduate, get a job in the city, get married, and buy a picketed fence house. She says, “…one thing I could do to enrich my life was travel.”

Why This Is The Best Time Of Your Life To Travel

Here are the reasons you need to enrich your life with a travel experience, just after graduating.

Discounts: Make the most of your college id. Get discounts for flight tickets, food, entrance, tours, and parking. All you need is an international student ID or unexpired universities ID. You will not get these discounts till you are a senior, that’s a long wait.

Time: You have a lot of time after college graduation, make the best of it with traveling—an enriching experience. Before starting a new chapter and getting a job that will nail you to your work, take a break.

Money Matters: After graduation, you have to learn to be fully independent. Taking a trip throws you in the deep end and gets you out of your comfort zone. You learn to budget and manage your money and won’t have money for necessities. You will learn to prioritize what you can live without.

Travel On Budget: When you have limited money, you look for cheaper accommodation and cost effective way to get meals. Hostels and dorms are few options, but it is a great way to meet new people.

Healthy: These are the years, where you are healthy, activity, and raring to go. What better way to see the world.

Less Responsibilities: Once you get a job, family, and house you have bills and mortgages to pay. This is the only time you have least responsibilities.

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