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What Type Of Traveller Are You?

Let’s face it. We all love travelling (unless of course you already are travelling a lot). But what separates us is the manner in which we travel. Some of us find excitement in uncertainties while others focus on every ‘minute’ detail of a trip. So, without much ado, here are the 5 types of travelers you will come across basis their travel style:


The Last Minute Traveler

Anything can trigger their need to travel. Bad day at work, heart-break, seeing friends plan their holiday or even a picture of a beautiful landscape on facebook. Their night stay depends upon their location when they feel like sleeping & a place stumbled upon accidentally becomes their favourite spot. They live by the mantra ‘some of the best moments in life are unplanned’ & for them travel is no different.


The Perfectionist

They plan every trip to the ‘T’. From Hotels to rides to clothes. They carry a checklist for places to visit, checklist for clothes, accessories, toiletries, they might even carry a checklist for their checklist (Better be safe than sorry). Their research is full-proof so challenge their choice at your own risk.


The Loop Traveler

They have their favourite holiday spot no matter what time of the year it is or what occasion calls for celebration. The locals know them thanks to their frequent visit & on each trip they try & figure out how much taking up a place there would cost them.

If your opinion is not being considered by your friends while planning a holiday as they already know your answer, maybe this is you.


The Off-Beat Traveler

They are intrigued by hidden gems that the world has offer. They are looking for spots that define the true beauty of nature but are yet to take the centre stage as a popular tourist destination. They prefer travelling solitarily and are quite impulsive & adventurous when it comes to exploring a destination.


The ‘Social’ Traveler

This is a new wave of traveller found since the advent of digital age. They see through eyes of instagram & the best spot is decided by likes on facebook. Their entire holiday is digitally archived & you can spot their exact location on the planet through check-ins on social media.




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