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Watch Out Air Travelers-santa Knows If You've Been Naughty Or Nice

What type of an air traveler are you—naughty, nice or sore loser? Santa has been watching and after checking his list twice has put you on naughty or nice list. Find out if you have made the cut to the nice list. Take the quiz.


1) How do you sit on the flight?
a. Legs straight, slightly bent at the knees.
b. Coiled in my seat.
c. Involuntary kicking the seat.


2) How strong is your perfume?
a. I love strong perfume, but I spray it sparingly when flying.
b. I love a strong fragrance and spray it like an AXE advert.
c. I simply wear my natural scent.


3) Just whose armrest is it anyways?
a. It person in the middle seat has the right.
b. Person who paid more for the seat.
c. No one! Do away with the arm rest.



4) The etiquette of walking up and down the aisle.
a. Holding on to the overhead bin, like flight attendants.
b. Strut it like a supermodel.
c. Grabbing the seat in front of me. (startling the person on the seat).


5) How many times should you press the calling button?
a. Press the button once or politely get their attention when they pass.
b. I’m passive, I’ll wait till service starts.
c. Till the flight attendant serves me.



6) Are you mindful when recline?
a. Yes, I check before reclining and during service, I keep my seat upright.
b. I’m too tired and just want to sleep.
c. I paid for a comfortable ride, I’ll recline when I want.


7) Stuck with a talkative passenger, I...
a. I say, “I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m dying to read this book.”
b. I huff and puff, and blow up the situation.
c. I pretend I can’t understand him or her.


8) When the planning is taxing, I am…
a. Wait till the airplane is parked and make calls at the terminal.
b. Unbuckle my seat belt, get my luggage from the overhead bin, and stand in the aisle.
c. Switch on my phone and start dialing.



9) If there’s insufficient storage space.
a. Hand my bag to the flight attendant to stow it away.
b. Try to place it under my seat.
c. I try to stuff it in the overhead bin. If there’s a will, there’s a way.


10) When flights are delays or canceled, I…
a. Think of plan B and get MUrgency Airport Assistance.
b. Politely request for an alternative flight.
c. I lose it with the airline staff.

If your answers are mostly A:

Congrats, you have made it to Santa’s nice list. Happiness, peace, and prosperity will come your way.


If your answers are mostly B:

You are on Santa’s undecided list.


If your answers are mostly C:

You can expect coal in the stocking. You have been a naughty, naughty air traveler.


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