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What To Do When Flights Are Cancelled Due To Heavy Snowfall

There’s a high chance the weather can play havoc to your travel plans in the coming months. Heavy snowfall and poor visibility are the two main reasons your flights will be cancelled. You are stranded high and low, but we have couple of suggests to turn around the situation.


Airport assistance comes to your rescue at times like this. They provide apt, efficient and timely service, so you can relax.


1)  Re-Booking Flights: The first thing that comes to mind is to book another flight, but this can be chaotic when everyone is doing the same thing. Tempers flare and restless kicks in. Approach an airport assistance staff to get a better deal for your next flight or re-booking. If you have miles, this is the best time to redeem it and ensure you get a seat when the weather clears out.


2) Hotel Booking: A snow storm or bad weather can cover hours or days, so you need a place to crash, eat, drink, and bathe. Get a hotel room near the airport or reserve a room at the airline’s designated hotel. Again, at such times you may have to wait in long lines as everyone is doing the same. Connect with airport assistant for a quick, convenient way to procure a room. They will hook you up with suitable rooms to accommodate you or the group you are traveling with.


3) Airport Assistance: If you know your travel plans will coincide with the weather’s plan, get the help of airport assistance to create plan B. Airport assistance is not only a service to provide wheelchair, carry the luggage or escort you through the airport quickly. They also ensure your travel plans are not affected. When the snowflakes fall in plenty, get the help of airport assistance to book another flight, get accommodation, and make you are out on the first flight.


4) Lounge Access: If you have to spend few hours at the airport at least till the weather clears out get lounge access. If you need visa for hotel accommodation, get lounge access. The best way to get it is with the help of a person who knows the airport inside out. You guessed it, airport assistance. They know the amazing deals at different lounges and how you can get access.


Bad weather puts a strain on the airline industry and the ground staff struggle to accommodate every request and need. Airport assistance such as MUrgency Airport Assistance is the best bet at a time like this. They have their presence in 136 countries and 626 airports. Have a safe journey.

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