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How Airlines & Travel Industry are changing in the post Covid-era

The covid 19 has impacted all the economic sectors, travel being one of them. Be it Airlines, Airports, Hotels or any other service industry related to travel, all have borne the brunt of the virus. This does not necessarily mean a bad thing for travellers as the industry tries to lure back travellers & get back on its feet.

From deals to flexible bookings to airport assistance services, travel is changing & we are here to bring to you some easy tips you can use to make your upcoming journey safe & light on your pocket.

So, here are 5 things to keep in mind while planning your next trip:

  1. Look for best hotel deals

Hotels have never been cheaper thanks to the drop in tourists count. From best deals, added benefits & customized hotel experience, the hotel industry is trying everything to lure travellers back. With the ball on your side of your court, do a good research on the hotel you would want to stay in & strike a good deal. Pro Tip -  Go for 0 cancellation on bookings as in case your trip doesn’t pan out, you do not have to let go of your booking payment.


  1. Book Airport Assistance

Many travellers are now turning to Airport Assistance services to have minimum contact with airport authorities. The same allows you to maintain social distancing & at the same time have a comfortable time at the airport resting at the lounge. You can avail VIP Assistance, Meet & Greet services, Airport Concierge, Check-in Assistance, Fast Track & many more services.


  1. Book Flexible Tickets

Airports across the world are opening up & it’s now time to book your tickets to the destination you always desired. But due to the uncertainty surrounding us, it is better to book a ticket on a flexible plan. The same would allow you to postpone the trip due to unforeseen circumstances without burning a hole in your pocket. The ticket might cost you more due to the feature but is negligible when it comes to your peace of mind.


  1. Read up on your destination

This is important. The rules of travel have changed & every country has set up their own rules & regulations to ensure the travellers & the citizens’ safety. Some holiday destinations require you to produce the Covid test result when you land at the airport while some insist on an on-site test. Avoid paying extra at the airport by carrying your own test results as per your destination country’s guidelines & ensure an event-free holiday. Also, every country has a new set of timings for their restaurants & other recreational activities so run a quick Google search to abreast yourself with the latest rules.


  1. Choose experience over physical activity

Go for a destination that connects with your soul. The lockdown has mentally impacted people from across the spectrum. Hence, when you finally are ready to move out for that holiday, chose a destination that rejuvenates you. Connect with nature along with your loved ones than choosing an adventurous & buzzing destination where you might again end up being in a crowd & risk exposure.


So here are our tips to travel in the new world. Hope they help you keep safe, healthy & happy in your next travel.  


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