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How to travel safe at Airports in a Post Covid World

The world is increasingly getting ready to get on with life while accepting that corona virus would be here for quite some time. The good news is that airports will open up but the primary emphasis would be on passenger & staff safety. While temperature checks, masks & sanitizers would be the new norm, new facilities are being introduced to ensure passenger safety at every level. Yet, there are quite a few measures that can be taken on a personal level that go a long way in making sure you and your loved ones are safe.

So without much further ado, let’s dive into these tips to make your journey a happy & safe one.

  1. Pre-plan your travel to the Airport

Cab availability may become a problem in the new world as travelers might want to avoid public transport & want to use a private vehicle to reach the airport, putting more pressure in the private transportation system. Pre-book it to avoid any hassles. The same holds true at your destination. It is better to have a cab waiting for you at your destination than you trying to look for one at arrival. In case you need any assistance regarding the same, feel free to get in touch with us.


  1. Book a less packed flight

Business travelers, families, explorers and backpackers are poised to get back as the planes get ready to hit the air. It's a good thing that people will get on with life but at the same time, it can lead to long check-in lines at the airport. One has to queue up in the long line of the security and custom department at the air terminal. This can certainly be avoided by booking a flight at odd hours when the passengers are less likely to travel. In case you love your sleep a little too much, you can book your favourite flight & let us take care of the rest with our Fast Track services. We at MUrgency Airport Assistance provide a most optimized service known as the fast track service. If you are opting for this service then you can just get rid of those long queues and can leave the air terminal within a couple of minutes. You will be saving a lot of your time and energy. Just feel free to contact us for that anytime.


  1. Beat the travel heat entirely

Live like a superstar for a day. Celebrities, sports personalities, businessmen, models, diplomats, corporate, executives, and VIP avail of this service as it is the best way to beat the crowd and transfer through the airport in complete privacy. This is an end-to-end service where you are greeted at the terminal entrance, where your bags are handled with care, check-in, security and passport control are done with ease, and you can rest in the VIP lounge at the airport until it is time for boarding. Thus, you can relax while all your work is being processed. This is the best thing one can have at the airport.


  1. Plan the travel for your loved ones

Ensure your loved ones travel with minimum hassle & interaction with staff & authorities. You can assign one person who takes care of all the check-in, baggage, boarding requirements & procedures. In case of senior citizens traveling alone, you can book travel assistance for the elderly service. They will be assisted by our staff present at the assistance center located in the airplane terminal. They will support you with all kinds of information regarding the methodologies carried out at the airport. We can also help you in case of any language issue. Our officials have also got a good idea about the air terminal, thus, they can guide you to the eateries, lounge, bathrooms or any other outlet if you wish to visit. It’s as good as you being with them in successfully maneuvering the airport maze.


  1. Got a connecting flight? We got you covered

Limit your movement while changing flights. The gate to gate transfer is also one of our well-known services. Let's say that you have reached the airport and have to catch a domestic flight. You certainly want a hassle-free transfer with minimum airport exploration. This is where this service comes in. From the plane exit to the next boarding gate, enjoy an effortless transfer with us.


  1. Pack Smart

The limit on hand sanitizers has been increased so make sure you stock them up well. Keep your masks & gloves handy with extra pairs. Also, many airlines might not allow in-flight baggage so check with your flight operator to avoid any surprises at the airport. In case you are traveling heavy, you can get in touch with us. MUrgency Airport Assistance serves at its best here by relieving you of the luggage & taking it for check-in. Simply connect with our delegate and leave all your stress to us.

We hope that this article gave you an idea about how travel is going to be in the new world. Feel free to visit us whenever you require any assistance at the Airport. We are 24/7 in service for you. Happy Travelling.



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