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11 movies that cater to your wanderlust

Remember that thrill the night before you are scheduled to travel, that excitement running through the veins on the way to the airport, the warmth of the boarding pass you clutch on to while proceeding towards the aircraft and the sense of adventure we anticipate at our destination? Words don’t do justice when it comes that feeling of exploring the world. In case you are among the millions who love to travel yet can’t do the same due to the worldwide restrictions going on, here are some movies to help you get by :

  1. Eat Pray Love:

Julia Roberts sets off to discover her true self as she embarks on a journey across the world after her world changes overnight with a divorce. The movie also has a higher meaning helping millions across the world to discover their true self.


  1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

An ideal getaway for those who think life has become monotonous. Here, the protagonist dreams up various adventures while going through his mundane life & sets out later to fulfil them in real life. A good mix of wit & adventure, it is a must-watch for Ben Stiller fans.


  1. Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

This movie changed the Indian cinemascape. The three main characters set out on tasks they assign to each other which take them to some beautiful places across the world. Set across Costa Rava, Barcelona, Seville & Pamplona – the movie sets up some pretty aspiring travel goals.


  1. A Good Year

Loosely based on the novel based on the same name, A Good Year is a romantic comedy starring Russell Crowe as Max Skinner who learns that his Uncle has left behind a fortune for him. The film then takes you on to a journey to the beautiful landscapes of France as he travels to sell off his property.


  1. The Bucket List

Starring the legendary Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson, The Bucket List is story of two old terminally ill patients who create a bucket list of things they haven’t done ever before & set out to accomplish them. Apart from the beautiful landscapes that will leave you mesmerized, the film also leaves you with a warm feeling watching the two friends experiencing life all over again.


  1. Queen

Queen is an Indian film which revolves around a female protagonist who after a last minute wedding cancellation sets out on her honeymoon by herself. What follows is a journey which begins from being in awe of a foreign country & ends at relishing her new found confidence in life. The characters, location, writing everything comes together in making this the perfect wtch on a lazy day.


  1. Dil Chahta Hai

Travel back in time to those care-free college days with Dil Chahta Hai. Again an Indian film, it’s a journey of three friends, their ups and downs in life & their friendship coming of age. And if you are missing Goa or wish to visit it, the movie beautifully captures the essence of it & does a good job of tackling our travel blues.


  1. Up in the Air

Missing the Airport experience? Then this movie is for you! Based on a novel of the same name, Up in The Air takes us on a ride with George Clooney as his work requires him to travel across the globe & help corporate effectively ‘downsize’. In one of the travels, he meets another flier & what follows is a journey of romance, wit & laughter.


  1. Into the wild

A coming of age film, Into the Wild stars Christopher McCandless and the story revolves around him renouncing all the worldly possessions & setting off on a hitchhiking journey across America. Here he comes across various situations which changes him as a person. The movie also does complete justice to the scenic beauty of the United States


  1. Away we go

The film had a limited release in 2009 so don’t be surprised if you did not come to know of its release. Despite that, the premise of the movie along with its acting & crisp writing make it a worthy watch. Starring John Krasinski & Maya Rudolph as the main leads, the film revolves around traveling across the United States to find a suitable place for starting a family.


  1. Bekas

A Kurdish family drama, the movie captures the story of two homeless brothers who polish shoes for a living. Fed up with the tyranny of the ruler, they set off for a better life to the United States on their donkey. A feel good movie which touches upon the innocence of childhood in trying times is sure to resonate with you



  1. Back to the future

Not exactly a travel movie, but who doesn’t love time travel? Setting the benchmark for future time travel movies, back to the future is a classic 1985 movie which involves Michael J. Fox accidently travel back to 1985 & the only way back is to make his parents to fall in love again.


So here is our list of movies that would strike a chord with every home bound traveller & even if travel is not your interest, all these movies have something for everybody. Do let us know in the comments section what you think about the list.


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