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Fun Facts about Airports across the World

It's been a long time since the Wright Brother invented the airplanes and since then taking a flight has become way too much common these days. Today there are thousands of airplanes flying in the sky with various airports across the world guiding them to their destination. Though all of them work under the same guidelines, there are some unique practices that set them apart. Keep reading this article to know some of the fun facts related to airports across the world.

Let’s start.

  1. The litter-free country, Rwanda - Rwanda is a country where it is not legal to carry or use a plastic bag. Using them may lead to a fine of around $100 to $150. Thus, at the airport, all the plastic bags are taken away from the passengers which have made Rwanda as the litter-free countries in Africa.
  2. The naming of O’Hare - O'Hare airport got its name after a military pilot from America who was the solitary defender on his carrier at the time of an attack. He lost his life while resisting against a Kamikaze attack.
  3. Pig in San Francisco Airport - People who are traveling are generally very much stressed out. To ease them the San Francisco International Airport has hired a pig. Yes, you heard it right. This pig named as Lilou calms the travelers by performing several tricks in front of them.
  4. The long passage of Houston Airport - Houston Airport got numerous bad reviews about baggage hold up times. To answer it, they moved baggage carousel further away so the walk was longer than the pause. The number of complaints started to decrease.
  5. Nuclear proof Yugoslavia - It is reported that Yugoslavia has invested around $6 billion to establish an underground airport. The main aim of this kind of airport is to defend a twenty-kilo ton of nuclear attack.
  6. The suspense of Boeing 727 - In 2003, Boeing 727 airplane was stolen away from Angola airport. There were two men on it and the plane itself was never ever seen after that day.
  7. Fly in the toilets of Schiphol Airport - All the toilets present in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport have positively passed the white-glove test. A real looking housefly is painted inside the men urinals with the goal that men will go for the fly and attempt to wash it down the drain. The fly-in-urinal research found that the carving decreased spillage by 80 percent.
  8. Airport on wheels - San Francisco International Airport has its foundation on 267 ball bearings. In case of any earthquakes, the airport can move 20 inches in any direction.
  9. Spread The Light - The lights of the parking lot of the Conakry International Airport is used by several students to carry out their studies. The country has very less electricity supply.
  10. Books in Estonian Airport - Estonian Airport consists of a huge library where one can get books related to their trip.
  11. One Airport serving 2 countries - The Tijuana International Airport situated in Mexico lies along the border of the US. It is the only airport in the world that has got terminals in two countries. One in Mexico and the other in the U.S.
  12. Challenging Paro Airport - The most challenging airport is the Paro Airport located in Himalaya. Only eight of the pilot has the license to land there.
  13. Problem of Chinese airport - Chinese airports are known for a huge number of cancellation and delays every day. The main reason behind it is that only thirty percent of the airport is free for commercial use. But in the U.S. eighty percent of the airport is free for that.
  14. Arabic flashcard - If you have an Arabic flashcard then you can get arrested in all the airports in the U.S.
  15. Artificial island of Japan - The Kansai Airport located in Osaka, Japan is popular for being the artificial island. Japan is a country which gets frequent earthquakes. These earthquakes have made the island to sink. Thus the engineers of the country came up with the idea to use hydraulic devices to keep the island above the water surface.
  16. Balloons of Israeli airport - It is reported that nearly once in a week the people working in the Israeli airport collect all the lost air balloons from the hall of arrival and presents it to the hospitals consisting of children in the country.
  17. Losing something in airport - A study which was carried out in 2012 suggested that nearly 12,000 laptops are lost every week in the airports.
  18. One airport, four countries - Bratislava Airport serves 4 countries. This airport is nearly an hour away from Brno (Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), Vienna (Austria) and Győr (Hungary).
  19. Prevent bird strike - The Pearson International Airport situated in Toronto uses birds like hawks, falcons, eagle, etc. to kill, eat or scare away small birds. This is done to decrease the chances of bird strikes.
  20. Airport on grave - When Georgia's Savanah Airport endeavored to extend a runway in the 1980's they were not given authorization from a family to move two graves that lay on the property. The air terminal covered the graves and laid two gravestones in level with the runway.
  21. CARPET of PDX - CARPET of Portland Airport (PDX) is so adored; occupants have made a craft beer, merchandise and even tattoos dependent on its design.

Hope you like these fun facts.

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